Women's fur parkas

Womens parka coats with fur hood

To Look in winter time stylishly and fashionably the exclusive, limited or made-to-order things will help.

The APRB company is the unique entity which brought together talented, creative masters of the highest category. We create these works of art from a real fur and skin. The extended winter jacket with fur will become a fine alternative.

The Women's jacket of the park with fur – stylishly and fashionably

The modern fashion proved that the high-quality clothes can be not only beautiful, but also convenient. The stylish women's jacket of the park with fur appeared thanks to courageous design experiments.

We offer the limited model range of winter clothes of faultless quality:

  • You can not only purchase from us to the park women's, but sew to order a lined jacket from fur;
  • We offer a wide choice of a real fur of the extra quality (a chinchilla, pepper, a fox, a mink, astrakhan fur, an ermine, a raccoon and so forth);
  • You receive the ready model which is ideally corresponding to your figure;
  • Our things of unique design will also always remain in fashion;
  • The high-quality women's jacket park with fur is super warm and most comfortable winter clothes.

Fashionable parks women's – benefits

  1. In the direction of a practicality, this the park proved to be not only convenient, but also mega a fashionable thing. Especially when internal finishing from a real fur.
  2. A jacket it is possible and it is pleasant to dress directly on light clothes with a short sleeve. You will forget about close, holding down movements, sweaters and fully enjoy silk heat the road parks with fur.
  3. During creation of models, high-quality materials from the checked producers are used.
  4. Furs and skin are our suppliers the Russian manufacturers and the best brands of Italy.
  5. We brought together the best masters therefore "It is made in Russia" - it not only it is fashionable, but also it is prestigious.
  6. Our products enjoys popularity not only domestic women of fashion, but also glamourous western ladies.

Stylish parks women's – features

  1. Each model of the limited series is developed with special care, all nuances are considered (convenience, a heat-shielding, resistance to depreciation of the International Party of Russia.). Therefore our jackets have no parks with fur аналогов.
  2. We find a way to heart of each buyer. Our fur parks are created in the fine creative atmosphere where each master puts a part of soul in production process.
  3. Ordering or buying our things – you purchase products of the highest quality which will emphasize your refined taste and will create a stylish, unsurpassed image of the modern woman.

Of on trend "Military"

Furs had steady demand at all times. Each woman dreams to have in the clothes a fur coat, a vest or a muftochka from valuable breeds of fur.

Our products have no analogs:

  • Military style is expected a wide range of buyers;
  • We are able to create refined things based on popular models;
  • In our studio you can sew a fashionable and stylish thing from a real fur which will warm you even in a hard frost.
  • It is rather difficult to sew independently fashionable women's to the park. Work with fur is the laborious occupation requiring certain skills and the specialized equipment. Our masters will pick up skins according to your preferences, will take measurements and will sew a jacket with fur which will ideally wear to your shape.

    of the Photo of women's floggings in our catalog

    • In our catalog the collection of the limited models of women's jackets with fur which were created by our company is provided. On a photo of women's floggings you can estimate the excellent level of our works.
    • Only in our studio several masters work on each model at the same time. Creative process is carefully controlled at each stage.

    The Price of women's floggings with fur

    Parks with fur influence pricing of a jacket several factors:

    • Quantity of the spent skins;
    • Breed value;
    • Design decision;
    • Features of a fitment;
    • Complexity of a cut and tailoring.

    In the parks provided on a photo, you will see how skillfully our masters combine fur with other fabrics. All jackets are perfect in the perfection.

    You can purchase fashionable, stylish, comfortable, warmest and practical female parks with fur only from us! We work in order that our women remained the finest!

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