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Mink coat - custom tailoring

Custom tailoring of a fur coat to order by our masters is a guarantee of the European quality. Our furs from auctions are applied, our experts work with development of modern fashionable and stylish design at the available cost. Sew the fur coat from natural fur.

Did you dream of a new fur coat long ago? Sew it to order, having chosen such material as natural fur of the best grades. Create a unique product in which there will be skins of such animals as a beaver, a mink, a sable, a rabbit, a broadtail, a chinchilla, a marten, a lynx, and not only. You will be able to pick up material by means of our experts.

A task of skilled designers - to render free consultation, to pick up material and to specify model details. Our experts are ready to meet requirements of everyone who has decided to sew a fur coat to order.

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