Womens vests

Advantages of our masters is a special fashionable design, work on the individual sizes of the customer. The team of our experts approaches each order with professional care. At each model not only color selection, but also features of a cut is noticeable, and he emphasizes favorable differences of customers. It isn't obligatory to be spent strongly that the product successfully supplemented an image, and our vests from a polar fox will be ideal for you in the most different situations.

Our vest from natural fur of a polar fox is the sample of a combination of design and convenience created personally for your figure especially for your image. Be convinced of our high professionalism at the Moscow office where you will be able to try on and buy a vest with a polar fox.

Vest to order - tailoring from the best fur

The choice of material for the order in online store of fur vests from a polar fox, a mink, a sable, the silver fox, the blyufrost, a fox and others is an important component in creation of clothes. His quality influences that how many will serve a women's vest, and how often she will need under repair. Our designers give advice - apply furs of the European production.

They seem dearer, than some other, but this difference pays off in favor of quality. But there are some breeds which are exceptions - for example, a sable (Barguzin) which can be qualitative only if he - from Russia. Each step needs to be trusted experts. Same concerns also such stage as the raw materials choice. Skilled designers will solve a problem with the choice of high quality even if marriage is hardly noticeable - they will allocate him and will offer replacement. Entrust the choice to experts. The second important problem which is solved by our experts is development of design of your future vest. We consider that any idea is feasible.

The price is counted individually in each case. After coordination of the arisen questions production of model begins. This process lasts 1-3 weeks.

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